Recently, the leisure sphere has been replenished with such kind of recreation as quests, which have managed to fall in love with a wide range of people. Having received incredible demand, this type of recreation has acquired a large number of destinations, of which the most "extreme" are horror quests.

Scary quests Kiev offers to go through the most daring and fearless players who are not afraid to look their fears and weaknesses in the eye.

What are horror escape?

The word "horror" comes from the English word "horror" (horror, nightmare), means a genre in cinema, literature, games, designed to scare and create a sense of fear in the viewer / reader. Accordingly, this type of quest is designed to excite the emotions of the players through unexpected tasks corresponding to a scary atmosphere, and all sorts of surprises.

To get into the horror quest Kiev invites everyone who is a fan of horror films, as well as those who want to feel like the characters of this genre of films. In such games, actors often take part, helping to make what is happening as convincing as possible.

Kiev began to offer such quests with actors more and more often to everyone who likes to "tickle" their nerves and appreciate originality and beauty in this type of recreation.

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Are scary escape safe?

Of course, you can guarantee that no one will really inflict any injuries or injuries on you, and all the horrors will come down to a purely frightening atmosphere and the effect of surprise, it is possible only in quests without actors or in a non-horror genre. But, since the main task of such quests, in addition to completing tasks, is to call a certain high emotional state, it is better for people with normal mental health to attend such games. For obvious reasons, such a performance quest Kiev invites people over 18 years old to go through.

B.Grinchenko 6
Dekabrystiv, 2
General Tupikov 3/1
Heroev Stalingrada 7
Kikvidze 1/2
Konovalets 44a Locky
Konovalets, 44A Izolyatsya
Konstantinovskaya 21
Konstantinovskaya 25
Kreschatik 15
Obolonskaya 21
Panasa Mirnogo 3
Popudrenko 22/14
Pr T Shevchenko 4
Predmostnaya slobodka 1
Proreznaya 22B
Reitarskaya 7B
Shota Rustaveli 3
Simferopolskaya 3/2
Teleport Dovgenko
Teleport Saksaganskogo
Vladimirskaya 51/53
Yurkovskaya 18.
Yurkovskaya 34