Escape room

Kyiv, Vladimirskaya str. 51/53
2-5/ From 16 years
60 min.
With actors
At the end of the last century, in the very heart of Kiev, under mysterious circumstances, the family disappeared. The investigation showed that the tracks lead to the sewers, from where strange sounds sometimes come, and inexplicable things happen near this place. To uncover the mystery and understand what kind of place it was, a group of search engines was formed, which went to the sewers. Alas, the secret was not disclosed and not a single search engine has yet returned. They received only insignificant information on the radio that they were enveloped in fear from head to toe and they had a constant feeling of an outside presence. There was no more news from them. In turn, you are very concerned about the issue of missing people and ignorance of everything connected with the dungeon. Your group decided to search for the missing and dared to descend into this strange sewer. You should understand that you have only two important tasks: to survive and solve the mystery of this place.
Team for the game:
The base cost is indicated for 5 player , the extra charge for each following player is 0 UAN, the maximum number of players - 5.
Quest from category: With actors
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