Detective escape

This type of active recreation as a quest is becoming more and more popular and gains a lot of fans throughout the country. One of its main advantages is the variety of genres.

For example, a detective quest is very interesting. If you are a fan of the genre of detective stories in movies, games or books, then you have a great opportunity to "feel" the whole flavor of this genre on yourself, thanks to such a thematic quest.

The detective quest Kiev invites everyone to go through, especially as part of a family vacation. This type of leisure allows the whole family to unite as much as possible to solve interesting intellectual problems.

Family escape game - rest with benefit

Kiev has prepared the best family quests for the most active and curious people. Like Sherlock Holmes, by collecting answers along the thread, you can train your logic, thinking and mindfulness. Thus, you will not only relax, but also improve your intellectual abilities! Moreover, quests also imply physical mobility, so the benefits for players are absolutely diverse.
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What is a detective questgame?

Kiev presents detective quests of the room in the form of closed locations, specially equipped in the appropriate style. During the game, participants must transform into detectives, whose purpose is to investigate a complicated case. It is worth noting that the game time is strictly limited, so you will need to show all your logical and deductive skills to the maximum in order to meet the deadline.

Players can be offered a task in the form of the need to expose the criminal, or to establish all the details of an incident. However, in addition to the main goal, during the game there may be additional puzzles on which the passage will depend.

Kiev conducts quests about robbery on a regular basis, so you can become a member of it at any time.
B.Grinchenko 6
Dekabrystiv, 2
General Tupikov 3/1
Heroev Stalingrada 7
Kikvidze 1/2
Konovalets 44a Locky
Konovalets, 44A Izolyatsya
Konstantinovskaya 21
Konstantinovskaya 25
Kreschatik 15
Obolonskaya 21
Panasa Mirnogo 3
Popudrenko 22/14
Pr T Shevchenko 4
Predmostnaya slobodka 1
Proreznaya 22B
Reitarskaya 7B
Shota Rustaveli 3
Simferopolskaya 3/2
Teleport Dovgenko
Teleport Saksaganskogo
Vladimirskaya 51/53
Yurkovskaya 18.
Yurkovskaya 34