How to prepare for the escape

Becoming a participant in the quest is a great idea of how to spend time interestingly and at the same time improve yourself for the better! This type of leisure includes both simple physical activity and training of attention and logic.

Since all this happens in a playful way, you will combine both benefit and relaxation in one moment. The best quest Kiev offers to go as an unforgettable adventure, both for families and for friends and colleagues.

How best to prepare for the quest game

Newcomers are often worried about the question - how to prepare for the game, as well as what to wear in the Kiev quest. In order to make your participation in the quest as comfortable as possible for you, we recommend taking into account the following simple tips:

Choose clothes that are most comfortable for outdoor activities so that they do not hinder your movements during mobile tasks. An example of an optimal wardrobe for a quest can be a tracksuit, or casual clothes. Also, don't forget about comfortable shoes;
select the plot of the game in such a way that it is interesting to all participants, this will allow everyone to immerse themselves in the gameplay to the maximum and get positive emotions from him;
book the quest in advance to ensure that on a certain day you will have the opportunity to relax with friends or colleagues exactly as you planned.

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How to book an escape room?

Having picked up the topic of interest, immediately book the quest for the desired day, time and number of participants. Due to the popularity of this type of recreation, without an appointment there is a risk to come to the game and not find free seats. In order not to worry about where to book escape rooms Kiev provides the possibility of remote reservation by online ordering through the organizers' website. The site always contains information about the available time for a specific type of quest.
B.Grinchenko 6
Dekabrystiv, 2
General Tupikov 3/1
Heroev Stalingrada 7
Kikvidze 1/2
Konovalets 44a Locky
Konovalets, 44A Izolyatsya
Konstantinovskaya 21
Konstantinovskaya 25
Kreschatik 15
Obolonskaya 21
Panasa Mirnogo 3
Popudrenko 22/14
Pr T Shevchenko 4
Predmostnaya slobodka 1
Proreznaya 22B
Reitarskaya 7B
Shota Rustaveli 3
Simferopolskaya 3/2
Teleport Dovgenko
Teleport Saksaganskogo
Vladimirskaya 51/53
Yurkovskaya 18.
Yurkovskaya 34