Escape rooms in reality

The leisure sphere in the capital is replete with various offers, but if you are looking for something more original and unusual, then you should definitely get acquainted with such a new type of pastime as the Kiev quest room. This is an absolutely non-trivial and exciting form of entertainment, thanks to which you can actively relax,
and also train your attention, logic and memory. A great advantage of such a holiday is that bad weather will absolutely not interfere with it, since the event itself will be held indoors.

Escape room in Kiev

What exactly is a quest in reality in Kiev? This type of quest is presented in the form of a closed room (one or more rooms), from which players must get out by completing various tasks. To free yourself from the locked room, you will need to go through cunning traps, solve riddles, puzzles and other intellectual tasks.

To pass the quest Kiev, you must not only successfully complete the tasks, but also meet the time strictly allotted for them, without asking for help from the organizers.

The game starts with the participants entering the room, receiving instructions, after which the countdown begins. A room could be, for example, a spaceship, a maniac's den, a hotel room, or a crime scene.
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For what reasons is the escape room suitable?

This type of leisure is very versatile and suitable for various occasions:

birthday celebrations;
corporate leisure;
family recreation;
romantic date.
Based on the characteristics of the event and the number of guests, you can choose a certain type of difficulty and the theme of the quest corresponding to the event. Depending on these parameters, the price of Kiev will vary for the quest.

Such exciting games bring the team together very much, since teamwork is required to solve tasks. This will allow you to become even stronger friends and get to know each other in a new way.

What are the themes of escape quests?

The best quests Kiev offers genre and dedicated to any topic, for example:

dedicated to any movie or computer game.
This type of recreation allows you to play different roles and feel like a real superhero. In this game you can feel like a detective and a character in your favorite movie. Discover new facets of your personality!
B.Grinchenko 6
Dekabrystiv, 2
General Tupikov 3/1
Heroev Stalingrada 7
Kikvidze 1/2
Konovalets 44a Locky
Konovalets, 44A Izolyatsya
Konstantinovskaya 21
Konstantinovskaya 25
Kreschatik 15
Obolonskaya 21
Panasa Mirnogo 3
Popudrenko 22/14
Pr T Shevchenko 4
Predmostnaya slobodka 1
Proreznaya 22B
Reitarskaya 7B
Shota Rustaveli 3
Simferopolskaya 3/2
Teleport Dovgenko
Teleport Saksaganskogo
Vladimirskaya 51/53
Yurkovskaya 18.
Yurkovskaya 34