Escape room
The Shawshank Redemption

Kyiv, Dovgenko 3
2-6/ From 15 years
75 min.
Not scary
"Escape from the Shawshank" is a memorable quest, participation in which is breathtaking. This adventure of the world cinema hit plot (according to high IMDB estimates and Kinopoisk) is conducted in real time.

Be sure to take part in the quest if:

crave for a variety of bright emotions, to enter into a difficult struggle with evil and feel the sweet taste of victory over him;
you want to know what freedom really costs, and understand the price of every passing moment;
you love to get out of difficult traps and feel the strongest and bravest.
"Shawshank Escape" is a quest room that gives you access to all these opportunities. Once in the dungeon, like a real prisoner, you will face interesting challenges. These minutes you will remember for a lifetime.

Will you be able to break free, like Andy Dufrain, the movie hit hero? After all, time is so transient. Are you brave enough to continue the fight, even if everything is not in your favor?

You have the only way to find out - come and play with us.

Quest Room "Escape from the Shawshank"
Team for the game:
We don't let kids with their parents.
Maximum 6 people and that is more for teenagers
If adults, then we warn that the room was originally designed for 4 players
Quest from category: Not scary, Longer than 70 minutes, Family
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