Escape room

Kyiv, General Tupikov 3/1
1-5/ From 16 years
60 min.
A young and beautiful girl lived in a Mexican village. Her name was Maria. One day a young and handsome man came to the village, who was very fond of Maria. Their sympathy was mutual ... from the beginning. Mary gave birth to 2 sons. Fortunately, the young father shifted all his attention to his children and completely stopped noticing his wife. And after a while, he completely appeared in the village with another young girl. Maria, mad with jealousy, grabbed her children, took them to the river and drowned. Realizing that she was annoyed, she rushed to scour the bottom of the river with her hands, stirring mud and clay, in search of the bodies of her children. But the attempts were in vain. She threw herself into the river with grief and drowned. Faced with the gates of heaven, Mary was asked one question, "Where are your children?" Drowned she didn't know what to answer. She was not allowed to enter the afterlife until she found her children.
Since then, Mary has been wandering the earth near the rivers in search of her children. She cries and calls them. If children get lost in her hands - she drowns them ... One day, Mary brought Mary to an orphanage for boys at the monastery.
Team for the game:
We will immerse you in the history of the most frightening and mystical character of Mexican-American folklore! A completely new approach to the horror genre! The horror you have experienced before is no match for what awaits you here!
The birthday boy receives free entrance to his birthday and within 2 days after. Celebrate your birthday with one of our quests!
* Birthday admission is free if a group of 4 people (This means that 4 people are paid, and 5 is free)
Quest from category: Terrible
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