Escape room
Cruise No. 13, part 1

Kyiv, Bandery 32
2-6/ From 18 years
90 min.
The quest takes place on a ship that was launched in 1928! The ship was built in pre-war Germany and was originally called "Adolf Hitler"! During the Second World War, the ship took part in the hostilities and was sunk by Allied forces during one of the battles on the Dniester in 1943! At the end of the war, the ship was raised from the bottom of the river, restored and already in 1955 the ship found a new life. You have a unique opportunity to go through our quest, and feel the real spirit of that time.

A professor of psychology and bioenergy, who devoted his whole life to studying the effect of anomalous zones on the mechanism of disclosing unknown potentials of an individual at the subconscious level, he developed an unusual theory, and in order to prove his theoretical research in practice, he decided to charter a vessel for an experimental research cruise along one of the anomalous zones . On this unique journey, he invited, in his opinion, the most striking and unusual individuals from different social backgrounds and professions, calling it “Cruise No. 13” ...
On a cold, chilly morning on November 6, 2000, to the noise of the pristormy ocean, the ship left the port. After some time, communication with the ship disappears for no apparent reason for the mysterious disappearance. All rescue expeditions sent in search of the ship were inconclusive. The ship disappeared from the radar screens forever ...

Part 1 task: At any cost to get into the engine room and start all the working engines on the ship.
Team for the game:
The base cost is indicated for 4 player , the extra charge for each following player is 250 UAN, the maximum number of players - 6.
Quest from category: Horror
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