Escape room
Resident Evil

Kyiv, Popudrenko 22/14
2-7/ From 12 years
60 min.
With actors
Episode I is the first part of the quest trilogy based on Resident Evil. Quest is a performance without elements of horror. You will find an unusual actor's game and more than 7 playing rooms.
Recorded the first cases of infection with a virus that turns a person into a walking dead. No one knows what the virus is, in a city of panic. Pictures from movies have become a reality. You are standing in front of the door to the mansion, in which two scientists tried to develop an antivirus, but something went wrong. Perhaps you have a chance to sort out this story and stop the epidemic. Risk your life, because if the virus is not stopped, everyone will die!
Team for the game:
The base cost is indicated for 4 player , the extra charge for each following player is 150 UAN, the maximum number of players - 7.
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