Escape room
The Axeman

Kyiv, General Tupikov 3/1
1-5/ From 16 years
60 min.
The so-called New Orleans Lumberjack kept the residents of Louisiana and its outskirts for a year and a half in awe.
The unknown carried out attacks, penetrating the homes of his victims. His favorite weapon was the ax, and he also used razors and household items.
The police eliminated many suspects, but they failed to reach the real Lumberjack. The killer, whose name has never been revealed, called himself a "ghost" and a "demon" and promised not to touch jazz listeners.
A serial killer who operated in New Orleans and in the surrounding cities from May 1918 to October 1919. Probably, he also committed crimes and earlier - in 1912. The killer attacked his victims from Sokir. Sometimes with the same tool he broke open the door to get into the house. Pripin's crimes are as unexpected as Pochai's. The police could not catch the Lumberjack. His identity has not yet been established. Maybe you can do it?
Team for the game:
The birthday boy receives free entrance to his birthday and within 2 days after. Celebrate your birthday with one of our quests!
* Birthday admission is free if a group of 4 people (This means that 4 people are paid, and 5 is free)
Quest from category: Horror
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