Escape room
Big penny

Kyiv, B.Grinchenko 6
2-8/ From 16 years
90 min.
Not scary
Have you always dreamed of a luxurious life? But don't you like to wait long? Do you believe in luck and are willing to take risks? Risk to put everything on the line and snatch a million? Where can you quickly and easily get a lot of money? Of course, in the casino! But you shouldn't play casino honestly. You have already tried. Now you have another plan. With incredible efforts you managed to introduce "your" croupier in the most famous casino "Black and Red". Your croupier is ready to tell you where and how you can break the bank. Almost all the work was done by your divider. He determined where you could break the jackpot, prepared a suitcase for you, he even booked you plane tickets. But the casino security is not going to let you go just like that. They intend to get their money back. Now everything is in your hands. Will you have time to escape from the pursuit of omniscient guards and, having solved all the puzzles of the quest "Big Kush" to go with a million to distant warm countries? You only have an hour and a half to leave the casino and catch the coveted plane. Otherwise, your dream will remain unfulfilled ... Quest room "Big Kush", located in the city of Kiev, atmospheric and filled with interesting puzzles and puzzles. Designed for a team game of two to eight people, the quest room "Big Kush" will bring real pleasure to fans of intelligent, dynamic games. Quest "Big Kush" can be passed by players aged fourteen. Younger children can take part in the game under parental supervision. In order to win the "Big Cash" quest, your team will need to show the ability to think logically, observant, friendly team work and the desire to become winners. Good luck! Break the "Big Kush"!
Team for the game:
The base cost is indicated for 8 player , the extra charge for each following player is 0 UAN, the maximum number of players - 8.
Quest from category: Not scary
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