Escape room
Mad Tea Party

Kyiv, st. Konovalets 44a
2-4/ From 14 years
60 min.
For children
Oh, those rabbit holes! Ever because of them you find yourself in some kind of scrape. So this time, remembering her long-time adventures in Wonderland, Alice decided to visit her friends there. At first, everything went as usual - she cobbled with the Mad Hatter, tried the riddles of the March Hare, scratched behind the ear of the Cheshire Cat and visited the Caterpillar. She was already going home, when suddenly everything went awry. Angry with Alice’s past tricks, the Red Queen found out that the girl had visited the Kingdom again and decided to avenge her for her lost crown. And only Alice drew level with her garden, the Queen grabbed her, hid her, and blocked her way to her with many obstacles and riddles. Now the Queen seriously intends to restore her kingdom in Wonderland and this time without any tea drinking, jokes, games and other nonsense. All friends of Alice will be punished, and the inhabitants of the Kingdom will be the real tyranny of the angry Queen. So, if there is no daredevil who can find and free Alice, there will be an end to the fun in the Kingdom. Oh, maybe you could be this daredevil? Yes, yes, only you can help save the Kingdom from a sad fate and bring Alice back home! Fortunately, the rabbit hole leading to Wonderland is still open. True, you will have only 1 hour, because after all these events, the White Rabbit is completely upset and may at any moment close the entrance to the hole. So you have to hurry, if after saving Alice.
Team for the game:
The base cost is indicated for 4 player , the extra charge for each following player is 0 UAN, the maximum number of players - 4.
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