Escape room
12 chairs

Kyiv, Obolonskaya street, 21
2-6/ From 12 years
60 min.
Not scary
Delving into Korobeynikov’s declassified archives, Ostap-Suleiman-Bert-Maria-Bender-Bey, who has grown old, discovers that the enterprising master Gambs prudently made an exact copy of the notorious headset, which was disgracefully disfigured by the concessionaires in search of the treasure of Madame Petukhova. The real chairs walked intact through the stormy five-year plans and are still waiting for their ripper ... On a sunny spring day, after descending into an abandoned basement to save the kitten, you find an impressive old man in an old woolen scarf and lacquered stilettos with a throat slit by a dangerous razor. Already gathered to call the police, you suddenly notice a note with the address peeping out of the pocket of his jacket ...
Team for the game:
The base cost is indicated for 4 player , the extra charge for each following player is 150 UAN, the maximum number of players - 6.
Quest from category: Not scary
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